GO Lab

GO Lab Inc. is a cutting-edge R&D firm dedicated to developing advanced building products for the rapidly growing high-performance construction market. Founded by GO Logic in 2017, GO Lab identifies critical gaps in the building products marketplace, assesses the potential for new high-performance products and systems to fill them, and responds with cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, market-ready solutions.

High-Performance Building in Growth Mode

The imperatives for this work—and the resulting opportunities—are compelling. Construction accounts for $1.2 trillion of annual spending in the U.S. By 2030, the square footage of enclosed space in the country is projected to increase by 60 percent. Spurred by increasingly stringent building codes and improved building practices, the market for high performance construction is growing at a faster rate than the industry as a whole. While still a small fraction of the U.S. construction market, the square footage of Passive House buildings—which reduce energy consumption by 90 percent from code-compliant construction—is increasing exponentially.

Supporting American architects and builders in responding to this trend, GO Lab develops cost-effective, high-performance alternatives to existing products, as well as entirely new products and building systems.


R&D Structured for Results

GO Lab is an interdisciplinary collaboration that joins GO Logic’s industry-leading expertise in Passive House design and construction with the forward thinking of chemist and materials engineer Joshua Henry. Our organizational structure drives innovation by encouraging feedback among the research lab, the design studio, and the construction site.

GO Lab leverages its unique process with government grants to fund rapid prototyping, development, and field-testing, with the goal of being first to market with fully resolved high-performance products and systems to meet the needs of a rapidly growing industry segment.

To date, GO Lab has:

  • Patented a Passive House-standard superinsulated slab foundation system now in use throughout the country
  • Brought to market a groundbreaking panelized Passive House construction system that delivers R-50 thermal performance at the exterior walls
  • Prototyped wood fiber-based insulation materials with cost and performance comparable to the fossil fuel-based products that now dominate the market