Slabs make sense. Slab-on-grade foundations use less concrete than frost wall foundations, cost less, involve less digging, and avoid the thankless task of keeping water out of a New England basement.

In high-performance, low-environmental impact buildings, the case becomes even stronger. Slabs–also called frost-protected shallow foundations–minimize site disturbance, simplify drainage, add thermal mass to the living space, and are a perfect match for passive solar and in-floor radiant heat.

But forming and pouring a slab, surrounding it with insulation, and then protecting that insulation from exposure and impact has always been a cumbersome, unsatisfying process. So we at G-O Logic developed and patented our own cost-effective slab foundation system, using superinsulating modular forms that stay in place after the pour.

The result is a foundation that installs quickly, supports virtually any residential-scale framed structure, meets the stringent Passive House energy efficiency standard, and saves enough in labor alone to beat the cost of a conventional slab.

So now the best foundation is also the least expensive and simplest to build. It’s the smart way to get your next project up out of the ground.

  • Prep: Scrape topsoil, install perimeter drain, compact gravel
  • Flowable fill: Pour, level
  • Insulating forms and air barrier
  • Slab
  • Drive away in an empty pickup


GO Logic’s patented foundation system:

  • Saves time and material
  • Saves energy
  • Costs less
  • Works with any type of wood-frame construction, from conventional to Passive House