Construction Services

G-O Logic is a full-service general contracting company with expertise that ranges from single-family homes to large-scale commercial and institutional projects. Our construction managers and builders deliver the highest levels of structural integrity, finish quality, and performance while exercising full control of budget and schedule.

From its founding G-O Logic has deliberately integrated the functions of architecture and construction. The core of our approach–an air-tight, thermally insulated structure fitted with the most advanced components and systems–demands extraordinary precision and attention to detail in construction. To ensure that our buildings perform as designed, we control the process from start to finish.

Our coordinated design/build approach yields other benefits as well. Construction managers work closely with project architects, providing timely input on building methods, cost, and scheduling. Standing communication channels and operating procedures allow our construction crews to hit the ground running, avoiding crossed wires and duplicated effort. The result is a turn-key project, designed to your price point and delivered on budget.

Combining traditional New England craftsmanship and an obsession with building science, our construction team also constitutes an informal R&D department focused on continuously refining the way we produce buildings. The construction details so critical to our buildings’ performance are second nature to our builders because they helped develop those details in the first place.

For Maine projects we offer site-based or factory-panelized construction with G-O Logic management and field crews. For projects farther afield, we ship prefabricated building panels, assemble a fully weathertight shell, and partner with qualified local contractors to execute finishes to our standard. We also partner with architects across the country, providing building performance expertise and supplying custom panelized building shells. Work with us to optimize your design for energy efficiency, natural lighting, and indoor air quality, and we’ll deliver a great building.

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