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Another Prefabricated Panel Installation

May 23, 2016

GO Logic foreman and shop manager Morty Hansen recently directed the installation of a prefab building shell in upstate New York.

The panels, built over the course of a month in our shop in Waldo, Maine, include framing, exterior insulation, windows and exterior trim; panels were constructed for all of exterior walls and floors, as well as load-bearing interior walls.  The roof was framed and sheathed.  Assembled on site, on top of our patented foundation system, these components create a “dried-in”, airtight shell.  Assembly on site was completed in only 7 days.

GO Logic’s building shell system creates the basis for a passive house level or net-zero home, erected on any site in New England, in just a few days’ time.  A local builder adds electrical and mechanical systems, interior insulation and finishes, to complete the home.